Sign Up Hotmail. – If you want to know how to sign up Hotmail, here we will tell you how you can do it. You must enter the official site of Microsoft Hotmail, by clicking the button that we leave to our right bar,or by entering a new tab in your browser address com (or just

You see the home of Hotmail divided into two parts. To Sign Up Hotmail, what to do is enter the button that says “Register“.

Once you’ve entered, you’ll go directly to a form where you must enter all your details. Basically, you have to choose your e-mail (check that it is available), the extension (, or you have available in your country), password, and a series of personal data such as name and last name, age, country, etc.
One thing that is very important that you should not forget when you sign up Hotmail, is that you add an e-mail alternative in case you lose your password for any reason the Hotmail you can send to that account.

If everything is correct, it remains one step further and you’re instantly in your Hotmail inbox.

Sign Up Hotmail is very simple as you have seen, so we recommend that you do not stop and start enjoying the benefits offered by Hotmail.

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